Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hell (UK) - Hell Demo 1982

In 1982, the NWOBHM was still going strong. No one knew that within the next year, a frightening new force out of America would render them obsolete. While America's young speed/thrash bands were immensely influenced by the British bands before them, the adrenaline fueled yanks would ultimately burn their idols and scald the hand of metal forever. Good thing for us, metal loves scars...and the NWOBHM left one cool ass scar.

Hell was a band out of Nottingham. They're best known for being the precursor to the UK's own thrashers Sabbat. I really like this demo. The band really goes for it and a makes some interesting attempts to be evil. The weird intro banter sounds as if members of Monty Python had a few pints discussing the work of Aleister Crowley. Now that's metal.

The demo is ripped from's noisy, boomy, and has a few dropouts. Though not bad for a nearly 30 year old tape.

Hell's s/t Demo from 1982 - HERE

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Society Dog - Both 7"s and SF Underground Comp

I was recently turned on to the old Final Countdown radio show that terrorized the LA area on KXLU throughout the 80s. Host Adam Bomb himself posted his personal tapes of the show several years ago, and believe you's FM gold!

While geeking out over an old punk radio show, I found out Bay Area punk band Society Dog had more than one release. I just knew them from their "Title Role" track on the SF Underground 2 compilation and singer Johnithin Christ's other band, Code of Honor. With much joy and fervor, I tracked down the band's two 7"s and now have them for you here.

Working Class People is very much a product of the time. It has that nostalgic 70s punk sound, but worth having in the collection. The band truly finds its footing on the follow-up EP, Off the Leash. The sound is more hardcore and the songs are extremely memorable. You'll be telling cops to fuck off in no time!

I've included the compilation, which has tracks by Spikes, Lewd, and well as the killer Society Dog tune.

Look out now!!!

Working Class People - HERE

Off the Leash - HERE

S.F. Underground 2 - HERE

Adam Bomb's Final Countdown Radio Archive - HERE

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pendulum (Norway) - Hecate Demo (1992)

Everybody get kvlt tonight!

Here is a horn-raising little gem. Pendulum is fine Norwegian doom from an era when "trve" black metal was the hot new thing. They went on to rename themselves Carpathian Full Moon. Eh, that band is ok, but THIS demo really lays it down. Sludgy riffs and pigeon toed drumming make this a much appreciated addition to the demo tape shelf.

Go wipe your ass with your friend's Enslaved LPs and throw Pendulum's Hecate Demo on the stereo.


*Obviously the picture has nothing to do with Pendulum, but just in case you didn't hate people enough...

Monday, November 30, 2009

Leprocy - Brutal Occupation / Phase II Demos

Ton histoire est une épopée des plus brillants exploits.

Montreal is a quirky city and the metal it has shat is no different. Leprocy is a prime example of the city's late 80s thrash scene. The riffs are sharp, and are quick to induce rapid headbanging. This is not dull generic thrash for one very important reason...the French-Canadian element. Something about their sense of structure and awkward melody is consistently intriguing. The band only released three demos, two of which I have for you here.

So mourn the loss of the Expos and blast some Leprocy...

Brutal Occupation Demo from 1988 - HERE

Phase II Demo from 1990 - HERE

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dubious Dublin - Killer Watt EP / Trojan LP

Sons of the Gael, men of the pale!

Killer Watt were a midpaced kinda-thrash band that released one demo in 1986. This is it. They wrote a song about Nightmare On Elm Street Part 2. So need this. Also, tell me that the intro to "All Hell Breaks Loose" doesn't sound exactly like Megadeth's "Devil's Island".

Now this next Irish band, Trojan, are fucking awesome. Listen to this shit! The music is catchy 80s hard rock/metal, but it's the vocals that really hook you. An Irishman with two first names, Eddy Kenny, is the guilty party. He's one of those strange singers that make you laugh at first, but then it clicks. Unfortunately this isn't my rip, and the high end is a little distorted. Hopefully I'll have some time to rip my copy, but until then...

Throw back a couple of pints and enjoy.

Killer Watt's Death EP - HERE

Trojan's The March Is On - HERE

Monday, November 23, 2009

Juggernaut (TX) - Demos I & II / Baptism Under Fire LP

Admit it, people from Texas are just weird. I had this roommate one time, who was from Texas. We used to drink whiskey out of coffee mugs, ride stolen street signs down flights of stairs, and set abandoned furniture on fire. Can you imagine what our theme song was? Nope, it was "Burn Tonight" by a band from San Antonio, aptly named Juggernaut. Yes, dorkface, they're linked to SA Slayer.

I'll take Lone Star Metal for $400, Trebek. Juggernaut is one of drummer extraordinaire Bobby Jarzombek's early bands. Also, vocalist Harlan Glenn, is somewhat of a historical military guru. I happen to have a copy of this book he penned about old WW2 British airborne uniforms. He also worked extensively with the legendary R. Lee Ermy (insert one-liner from Full Metal Jacket here) on several television shows.

See...Texans are weird, man.

1984 Demo I - HERE

1984 Demo II - HERE

Baptized Under Fire - HERE

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Neat Singles! - Saracen / Tysondog

I've been reading this Kobo Abe book called Secret Rendezvous. It's about this dude in search of his wife, who was kidnapped by a mysterious ambulance in the middle of the night. So I got to thinking, what if some outlaw vinyl thieves ganked my records under the guise of some "trusted" agency. What a nightmare.

I hope they wouldn't take my Neat Records singles. Maybe I should hide them?

The two 7"s of NWOBHM bludgeony I have here are from my favorite period of Neat, the 30s. Saracen's We Have Arrived 7" is Neat #30 and Tysondog's Eat the Rich 7" is #33.

Saracen were more of a 70s prog rock band than a true NWOBHM band. They had keyboards for fucks sake. Though that shouldn't deter you from cranking this single with all knobs to the right.

I'd be really pissed if some lunatic EMT took my Tysondog 7". Eat the Rich is a badass little 2-track rager. Throw this on at a party and your fist immediately makes contact with the person next to you.


Saracen's We Have Arrived 7" - HERE

Tysondog's Eat the Rich 7" - HERE